The Four Challenges of Beating the Covid-19 Pandemic on a Global Scale

Public health experts have identified four hurdles that we must overcome in order to move past the Covid-19 pandemic globally. These experts have identified these four challenges in relation to vaccines that the world’s nations must overcome together.

The first obstacle is the scale of global production. Nineteen approved vaccine distributors have predicted they will be able to produce nearly 2 billion doses of the vaccines. However, some of the vaccine distributors are still working to pass approval stages in different countries. There’s also the issue of limited availability of supplies, such as: glass vials, stabilizing agents, and syringes. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that if these organizations, manufacturers, and companies agreed to share information on production then this global process would increase tremendously.

The second obstacle is the cost of vaccinations. This isn’t just the cost to the person receiving the vaccine, but also to governments distributing and administering vaccine programs. It’s unknown if vaccinations will become a recurring cost, since it’s not solidified how long the protection of vaccines will last. Vaccines need to be affordable and available to both first-and-third world populations.

Next is the availability of vaccines across the world. Major first-world countries have reserved and bought access to upwards of 70% of the produced vaccinations through 2021, despite having less than 25% of the world’s population. Such a large percent of the population staying unvaccinated for all of 2021 is dangerous not just for the unvaccinated, but the world. This could prolong the pandemic, and, also, create new mutations that might circumvent vaccines. The WHO has started the COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access (COVAX) Facility to work with first-world countries to subsidize and help distribute vaccines to poorer countries.

The final challenge relates to actual deployment and use of vaccinations. Right now, a major worry is distributed vaccines not being used or stored properly. There are strict guidelines on storage and shelf-life that must be adhered to, so that vaccines are not put to waste. There’s also a worry regarding vaccine hesitancy. Some people are skeptical, and this skepticism isn’t limited to one specific background, it ranges across all people. Governments and vaccine distributors must work to build public trust and combat the copious amounts of misinformation on Covid-19 and the vaccines.

It’s important to regularly take Covid-19 tests if you’ve been in situations where there’s a chance you’ve been exposed. BodyK has various Covid-19 tests available: the COVID Antigen Rapid Test with results in 30 minutes, the PCR Test with 45 Minute Results, and the PCR Test with Same Day Results. Stay safe until you’re able to be vaccinated!

Use the CDC’s website to find out if you’re eligible to receive a vaccine, and schedule it today.

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