Travelling During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With still no vaccine or cure for COVID-19, people are still enduring the new normal brought about by the pandemic. Face coverings are necessary whenever you want to go out, as well as social distancing in public places are two facets that are, seemingly, fully integrated into regular life. Cleaning and sanitation has become much more frequent in all establishments regularly visited by people. 

While traveling has heightened risks during the pandemic, it is not feasible for everyone to completely quarantine. Traveling is still a necessity for some. Here are some tips if you have to travel during the coronavirus pandemic:

Wear PPE

If you will travel during the coronavirus pandemic, you will have to wear PPEs, such as face masks and coverings to protect yourself and those around you. Even if the place you’re traveling to has no COVID-19 cases or very low numbers of COVID-19 cases, you should not let your guard down. It is also a smart choice to wear gloves if you’re going to public places and have to handle objects. Personal hand sanitizer you can carry everywhere is another small choice that can help keep you clean and healthy.

Be ready for medical screenings when entering and leaving.

If you plan on traveling abroad, you need to be prepared for entry and exit health screenings,  such as temperature checks and other necessary medical screenings deemed necessary. Something as minor as a heightened temperature or an upset stomach, should be brought up to  a medical professional, and postponing your traveling might be the best option.

Do not forget to regularly wash your hands.

Normally, when you travel, you’re visiting many public places. Surfaces in some areas might not be disinfected and cleaned as regularly as they should,so the best way to prevent contracting any illnesses from contaminated surfaces is to regularly, and thoroughly, wash your hands.While not a substitute for washing your hands, it is still smart to regularly use hand sanitizer.

Help Your Immune System

If you contract the coronavirus, your immune system will be your only hope for combating the infection. Now more than ever, a strong, healthy immune system is important, especially if you regularly travel. You can strengthen your immune system by having a healthy lifestyle and by taking supplements – try out BodyK’s Strong Immunity Boost Box and Viral Defense Boost Box.

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