Women-Led BodyK Is Now Official COVID Testing Service for LATAM Airlines Passengers in the United States

Miami, Florida. BodyK Wellness and Health, a women-owned South Florida COVID Testing company, announced they will now provide rapid COVID Testing for LATAM Airlines passengers in the United States. BodyK specializes in providing Same Day Results for the COVID PCR tests allowing passengers to travel with ease.

“We quickly realized that waiting days for a COVID-19 test result was counterproductive for travelers trying to board a flight. It has been our commitment to be pioneers in rapid COVID testing and to cater to passengers from the onset of this pandemic,” explained Mari Martinez, CEO and Founder of BodyK. “As Miami locals, we understand the roles that travel and tourism play in our city. Our rapid PCR test ensures anyone can enter and leave our city safely.”

Due to government restrictions in several countries in Latin America and throughout the world, many travelers are required to present a negative COVID PCR Test to board international flights from Miami International Airport, as well as all other major airports across the United States.

BodyK worked closely with the LATAM Airlines team to better understand the obstacles created for passengers due to the pandemic.

“It is an honor that LATAM Airlines, the leading airline in Latin America and one of the largest global airlines, chose BodyK as their COVID Testing partner,” stated Sylvia Franco, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of BodyK. “As a women-led company, our team is proud to be creating innovative solutions during the pandemic.”

LATAM Airlines passengers can text the word COVID to 1-877-MY-BODYK or go to the website, to easily book their appointment. Price with insurance starts at $85 for Same Day Results on PCR Tests and LATAM passengers receive 10% discount off all BodyK testing. BodyK also offers concierge services to homes, hotels and places of business.

BodyK is a South Florida company located nearby to Miami International Airport. BodyK is soon expanding into New York, Massachusetts and California to provide COVID Testing service for LATAM Airlines passengers at their different ports of departure.

About BodyK

BodyK, whose leadership is made up entirely of women, is focused on becoming the leaders in rapid testing. In 2020, BodyK was honored with the Keys to Miami-Dade County by The Beacon Council and Mayor Carlos Gimenez. 

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